• Fabrication to BPE standards
  • Shop or on-site fabrication and installation
  • High purity process piping contractor
  • Specializing in pharmaceutical, nutritional, chemical, and personal care industries
  • Complete weld documentation packages upon request including material receipt inspections, surface roughness testing, weld mapping and videotape borescopic inspections
  • Equipment setting and layout assistance
  • Welder and welder operator certifications to ASME standards
  • Focus on timely and cost efficient project completion
  • Experienced in installation of all piping materials including industrial applications
  • Automatic welding capability for stainless steel tube and pipe
  • Ability to partner with design and controls engineers to produce a complete installation
  • Maintain constant communications with design personnel during construction to facilitate a functional and maintenance friendly installation
  • Consistently excellent safety record
  • Drug testing for new hires and random testing for all personnel

Design Assistance
Carolina Process Piping works closely with designers to bring your project from a basic concept to a complete working system. Our goal is to produce systems that will be productive, durable and safe to operate. Project reviews during the design phase allow us to look for ways to improve upon the concept and install a more useful system. We also use our experience to look for areas within a design where cost savings may be realized without sacrificing safety or reliability. We help you design a system that meets your needs.